We need aid station help, finish line help, first aid, package pickup, photographers, and sweeps. Work is done in shifts. If volunteering, you receive a final spreadsheet with details about locations and times. The sign up form is below, or just send us an email.

Volunteer Jobs

Shawatum Aid Station (check out outhouse post it notes!)

Aid Stations

Set up and manage aid stations.
Take dropped racers back to finish.
Monitor racers and track their time.
Some remote, some easy access.
Get creative with a theme!
  Karen and Linda work some magic at the BBQ

Finish Line

Racer care.
Shuttle rides.
Food preparation.
  Cascade Aid Station

Medical/First Aid

Provide first aid at aid stations.
Finish line first aid help.
Must be trained.

Package Pickup in Tamarack Room, Manning Park Resort

Package Pickup

Hand out race packages.
Keep detailed records.
Photograph racers with Polaroid.


Various course locations.
Finish line.
  Heather Trail from Blackwall Peak


Follow racers.
Remove flagging.
Good way to see the course.
One leg at a time.

Volunteer Guide

The detailed Volunteer Guide for 2019 is linked here.

Jobs and Times

Aid Stations

Aid Station Start End Notes
Cathedral Thurs 10 am Fri 3 pm Ride up private road arranged in advance. FULL.
Ashnola River Fri 11 am Fri 5 pm Drive 50 km from Hwy 3 turnoff near Keremeos. Partially unpaved.
Trapper Fri 11 am Fri 6:30 pm 4-wheel drive best or vehicle with good clearance.
Calcite Fri 1 pm Fri midnight 4-wheel drive needed.
Pasayten River Fri 3 pm Sat 1 am Access from Hwy 3.
Bonnevier Fri 2 pm Sat 1:30 am Access from Hwy 3.
Heather Fri 2 pm Sat 8:30 am Remote. Hike in 8 km.
Blackwall Peak (Relay) Fri 9 pm Sat 1:30 am Drive up to Blackwall Peak across from resort.
Nicomen Lake Fri 2 pm Sat 12 noon Remote. Hike in. 22 km from Blackwall Peak.
Cayuse Flats Fri 11 pm Sat 2:30 pm Access from Hwy 3. Shifts.
Cascade Fri midnight Sat 4:30 pm Access from Hwy 3. Shifts.
Sumallo Grove Fri 6 pm Sat 5:30 pm Access from Hwy 3. Shifts.
Shawatum Fri 6 pm Sat 8 pm Access from Silver Skagit Road (Hope). Shifts.
Skyline Fri 8 pm Sun 1 am Access from Silver Skagit Road (Hope). Shifts.
Camp  Mowich Fri 1 pm Sun 5 am Remote. Hike in from Strawberry Flats. 13 km. Shifts.
Sky Junction Sat 5 am Sun 7 am Remote. Hike in. 5 km. Shifts.
Take Down Remote Sat noon Sun or Mon noon Heather, Camp Mowich, Sky Junction


Leg Start Distance Notes
Cathedral 10:00 am Fri  29 km Start line to Ashnola Aid Station. 
 Trapper 16:30 pm Fri  35 km Ashnola to Bonnevier. 
 Bonnevier 1:30 am Sat  19 km + 6 km Bonnevier to Heather plus exit to parking lot. 
 Heather 7:00 am Sat  46 km Blackwall Peak to Cascade. 
 Cascade 16:00 pm Sat  36 km Cascade to Skyline
 Skyline  00:30 am Sun  33 km Skyline to finish

Package Pickup

Location Day Times Notes
Manning Park Resort Thursday 9 am -3 pm Tamarack Room
Manning Park Resort Friday 2-7 pm Tamarack Room

Finish Line (Lightning Lake)

Tasks Start End Notes
Friday to Sunday 10 am 1 pm Director. Plan and coordinate finish line setup and take down.
Friday 10 am noon Tent setup
Saturday 10 am 10 pm Timing, racer care, food preparation, gopher, shuttle driver.
Saturday overnight 10 pm 6 am Timing, racer care, food preparation, gopher
Sunday morning 6 am 11 am Timing, racer care, food preparation, gopher
  11 am  1 pm Clean up and take down

Volunteer Sign-Up

Please complete this form or send us an email.


Free camping at Headwaters Corral, unisex logoed t-shirt, and finish line food.

Radio Communication Essential Quickie

Here are guidelines for using two-way radios.

Absolutely everything about the race is wonderful. The volunteers are concerned about each of us and pamper us along the way. The supplies at all of the aid stations were over the top. The flagging was absolutely perfect!!! I never had a moment of confusion, which for me is saying much. The trails were absolutely stunning. Miles and miles of beautiful bouquets of flowers. I was in heaven and could not get the stupid smile off of my face. You and all of the volunteers love this place and it shows with all of the care that is given. This race is most certainly my all time favourite and I am looking forward to coming back next year with more friends to show off why I love this race so much.