Event Information

Fat Dog Backyard Ultra is an inclusive event following the Backyard Ultra format, where participants complete a 6.7056 km (4.167 miles) lap every hour starting on the hour until they either do not complete within the time limit or do not start the next lap at the top of the hour. The last person standing is declared the winner; all others are "DNF."

Some come with the goal of "Last Person Standing," while many others come to push themselves farther than they have gone before. The format ensures that everyone, regardless of ability, is back at the start line every hour, to begin another lap together. Because of this, many deep friendships are formed over the hours and days spent together on course.

Each racer must choose how they wish to complete their lap – faster laps allow for more rest time between laps but take more energy to complete. Slower laps allow runners to conserve energy but trade off for less rest time in between laps.  Strategy and mental toughness are as much a part of success as is physical fitness.

As a registered Backyard Ultra event, participants are also able to earn themselves a spot on the “At Large List” for the Canadian National Backyard Ultra team, or a chance to compete at the World Backyard Ultra Championship.  Runners across Canada at all Backyard Ultra events are ranked according to how many laps they completed, and the top 9 are invited to represent Canada at the National Backyard Ultra Team Championships.  

Aid Station

The start-finish area will include water, boiling water, and limited cooked food and snacks for racers throughout the event, with some surprises showing up. Tailwind Electrolyte Drink will also be provided. There are no aid stations on course. Basic first-aid items will be available at the start/finish area.  It is recommended that racers bring whatever other food including bars/gels/waffles/chews that they wish to consume throughout the event.  There will be a hospitality area with a tent, lawn chairs and cooking facilities provided, where crew are welcome to hang out between laps.  Please no cooking in your own tent due to fire regulations. 

Racer Food Provided During the Event
Potable water (hot and cold)
Tailwind electrolyte drink
Pickles, chips, cookies, assorted candy
Hot drinks - coffee, hot chocolate, soup broth
Hot foods - ramen noodles, instant oatmeal
Coke, Ginger Ale

Racer Food Provided on a Rotating Basis (*reserve the right to change)
10:00 am - Hashbrown Patties (gf/vegan)
12:00 noon - Perogies (vegan)
2:00 pm - Smoothies (gf/vegan)
4:00 pm - Grilled cheese sandwiches ( (gf/vegan option)
6:00 pm - Hamburgers, veggie burgers ( (gf/vegan option)
8:00 pm - Cheese tortellini
10:00 pm - Perogies  (gf/vegan)
12:00 midnight - Butternut squash soup (gf/vegan)
2:00 am - Hashbrown patties (gf/vegan)
4:00 am - Apple struddle
6:00 am - Pancakes  (gf/vegan option)
8:00 am - Cinnamon buns
Subsequent menu to be determined as race continues

Fat Dog events are cup-less events, and therefore we do not provide disposable cups or plates. Please bring your own water bottle, cup, plate and bowl, as well as eating utensils.

Portable toilets will be available at the start/finish area as well as along the course.

Racer Check-in

Early Racer Check-in and bib pick-up will be on Friday March 22, from 4:00-6:00 PM. An optional orientation lap of the course will take place at 6:00 PM for racers wishing to see the course prior to race morning. Mandatory racer check-in will be from 6:30-7:30 AM on Saturday March 23. 

Racer Crew

Most competitors choose to bring crew with them to a Backyard Ultra event. Runners may set up a tent of maximum size of 10’X10’ in the parking area around the start/finish line to return to between laps.  Many choose to have a comfy chair, cot, changes of clothes, food etc. If you plan to go far, crew can be the difference between the ability to start another lap or tapping out. Please note that race food is for registered racers only.  Crew need to bring their own food but are welcome to use the cooking facilities provided. Please no cooking in your own tent due to fire regulations.

Pets are welcome to stay with crew if they are on leash, properly trained and well behaved. Racers or their crew are responsible for picking up after their pet and ensuring they do not bark excessively.