Orientation Runs 

Date and Location

Orientation runs are a great way to meet fellow racers, add some miles to your training plan, and preview sections of the race course.  There will be 2 orientation runs offered in July (subject to snow melt!). 

Saturday July 15 we will be doing an out-and-back section of the Heather trail, meeting at the parking area at Blackwall Peak (off Highway 3, across the road from Manning Park Resort). Distance is up to 44 km, although you may turn back at any point depending on what your training plan calls for.  Start time 8:30 AM.

Sunday July 23 we will do Skyline I from the Strawberry Flats Warming Hut (up Gibson Pass Road, near the Manning Park Ski Hill), finishing at Lightning Lake Day Use Area (the final stretch of the race). 17 km total.  Start time 8:30 AM.

Both of these dates line up with weekends we are also doing trail maintenance in the area.  Come and stay for the weekend, and get in a training run and your volunteer hours at the same time.  See the Trail Maintenance Schedule for full trail maintenance information.  We will probably be camping somewhere in the park!  Email to find out where and come join us.