Race Guide

Please note - Sign up for shuttle rides to the start lines will be sent out closer to race day, not edited on your Ultra Signup registration (2023)

The Race Guide for 2023 is available for reference.  Race Guide for 2024 will be released in spring 2024. Please take time to read it and become familiar with the information it contains.
Aid station menus  from 2023 are available for reference.

Crew Driving Instructions

Please note that there is no overnight parking at ANY aid station.  No camping in vehicles is permitted in parking areas or along roadways including the finish line area.  If you wish to camp, please do so in designated campgrounds. Failure to respect this jeopardizes our ability to secure permits in the future, and thus is grounds for potential disqualification of you or your racer.

Start Line

Driving directions to the start line (Lakeview Trailhead) from Manning Park Resort.  Please note that Ashnola River Road is a gravel road.  4 Wheel drive is not necessary but higher clearance is recommended. 
Parallel parking along the right side of the road only and walk down the driveway to the start line.  No driving or parking along driveway


Ashnola Aid Station

Driving directions are given from Manning Park Resort, however if you are coming from the start line, continue along Ashnola River Road to the Wall Creek log foot bridge. Parallel parking along the right side of the road, BEFORE the bridge only.  No parking or driving (no drop off) past the Wall Creek Bridge as there will be runners travelling along the road to the aid station.  Walk 500 m to the aid station location.   


Bonnevier Aid Station

Driving directions to Bonnevier Aid Station.  Please park along Pasayten FSR, across the highway from the aid station, then walk across the highway when safe to do so. 


Driving instructions to Hope Pass Aid Station
This aid station is accessed using the Whipsaw Forest Service Road, which is a gravel road.  4 wheel drive is not necessary, however vehicles with extremely low clearance may experience some difficulty.  Stay on the main road the entire way to the aid station.  Park along one side of the road only to ensure access.  Please respect all parking signs and volunteers. 

Driving instructions to Blackwall Aid Station

Driving instructions to Windy Joe Aid Station
No Crew Parking at the aid station.  No parking along Gibson Pass Road.  Please park at Manning Park Resort and walk in to the aid station.

Driving instructions to Strawberry Flats Aid Station
Park in designated parking spots.

Driving instructions to Finish Line (Lightning Lake Day Use Area).
Please respect all no-parking areas. 

Driving instructions can also be accessed by clicking on the waypoints on the Google Map or on the Gaia Map (click view, scroll down to see each aid station and click on which one you want instructions to).  From both of these options you are able to download the instructions from your desired starting point, download the map, or send instructions to your phone to help you navigate.
Please note that the driving directions are only accurate for the CREW ACCESSIBLE aid stations.