Stunning alpine views, meadows of wildflowers, good mix of technical and non-technical trails, very little forest service road, point to point, challenging profile, sumptuous aid stations, enthusiastic volunteers, and a lake at the end for soaking. SERIOUSLY SCENIC.


120 miles, 70 mile, 50 mile, 40 mile, and 9 relay legs varying from 7 km to 38 km. See Race Guide for detailed breakdown.


Challenging race due to climbs. Technical and non-technical mix. One river crossing for 120 mile and relay (has current, ropes provided). 120 mile race has elevation gain of 8682 metres, just short of Everest at 8848 metres. 120 mile racers have said that the only harder race is Hardrock.

Special Recognition (we love this!)

Fat Dog 120 mile is considered one of the top 9 toughest ultras by Outside Online. The 120 mile event is not for beginners.
RAD Season listed Fat Dog 120 first in its list for North America's Top 6 Stunning Ultra Trail Runs.
Canadian Trail Running Magazine lists Fat Dog in Canada's must run list.
RunUltra lists Fat Dog 120 as a finalist in their North American race awards.
Trail Runner Magazine lists Fat Dog as a third alternative of 10 choices for ultra racers who do not get into Hardrock or Western States.