Backyard Ultra Race Rules

Racers must complete a 6.7056 km (4.167 miles) lap every hour starting on the hour until they either do not complete within the time limit or do not start the next lap at the top of the hour. Racers may not receive any assistance while on course from the moment the bell rings to start the next lap until they cross the line at the end of the lap. Non-competitors are NOT allowed on course (including eliminated runners). No personal aid is allowed from the moment the bell rings to start the lap until the competitor crosses the line to finish the lap. This means that crew can not give anything to, nor take anything from any competitor on course.  You may not stash any aid or supplies along the course. No artificial aids permitted, including no trekking poles. No pacers. Runners who have received a "DNF" may not go back out on course. Slower runners must allow a faster runner to pass. Runners may not leave course at any point during the lap except for washrooms. No pets on course.

Each lap will start precisely 1 hour after the last. At three minutes to the top of the hour, three whistles will sound. At two minutes, two whistles, and at 1 minute, 1 whistle. All racers wishing to start the next lap must be IN THE STARTING CORAL BEFORE the bell rings and must move forward at the start bell. If you are even one second after the bell, you are marked "DNF" and may not start the lap. 

The last runner must complete one and final “Victory Lap” within the 1-hour time limit to be declared the winner, and then the race is over.  The last runner may not complete additional laps after this "victory lap".  If the second last person (the "assist") does not complete their last lap within the time limit allowed, but the last person standing does complete, that lap will count as the victory lap and no further laps will be required.
All other racers will be declared “DNF,” however the number of laps successfully completed within the 1-hour time limit will be recorded for purposes of submitting to the “At Large List” for qualification to the Canadian National Backyard Ultra team, or a chance to compete at the World Backyard Ultra Championship.

No littering, and please make use of washroom facilities on course. Runners are expected to be mindful of other runners and perform in a sportsmanlike manner. Bib number must be worn on the front of your body and visible at all times.

No alcohol please.  We are in a public park that is not licenced for alcohol and as such, alcohol consumption could affect our ability to secure permits in the future. 

Headphones are permitted during the night only, 10 PM to 6 AM.  This is for safety considerations, as we are using public space and need to be mindful of sharing the trails and walkways, as well as being aware of potential traffic at driveway crossings into the park.    

Dropping from the Race

 If you decide to drop from the race, you must remove your name from the race board at race headquarters, and advice the director that you are finished. The race director will have the absolute authority to withdraw a runner from the event should they feel it is unsafe for the runner to continue.