Fat Dog 120 is committed to sustainability in its events.  As such, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet on which we run.  We have joined with the ITRA's green initiative to help us achieve our goal.

Action Objective Ultimate Goal Current Actions
 Lessen impact on the natural environment Leave no trace - avoid ecologically fragile areas
- racers must stay on established trails
- racer cap according to the carrying capacity of the environment
- aid stations planned for areas to minimize environmental impact
-no site alterations at aid stations
- all locations returned to the state we found them, including removal of all litter and flagging along the trails
Carbon reduction
 Carbon neutral  - encourage carpooling
- shuttle bus to start line
- transition away from gas-powered generators to renewable power sources
- vegetarian and vegan options provided at aid stations
 Waste reduction  Zero waste - racer swag will be carefully curated with the environment taken into consideration; racer packages will consist of fewer, higher quality items.
- option to decline racer swag and instead donate to clean water projects through Run for Water society
 - cup-less event - disposable cups will not be available at the event
- no single-use water bottles available
- efforts will be made to compost and recycle as much as possible
- excess food will be donated after the event