Registration Requirements

1. Race Experience

As a tough 120 mile event, it is mandatory that you have minimum 100 km previous experience; however it is highly recommended that you have completed a previous 100 mile race or event.  For first time racers, a pacer is highly recommended at least for the final stretch. 

For the 100km, it is highly recommended that you have a minimum 50 km experience, either as a race or other single effort.

There are no minimum requirements for the 40 and 50 mile events.

2. Trail Work

As trail runners, we believe in giving back to the trails we race and train on.  As such, 8 hours of trail work is a registration requirement for Fat Dog 120, all distances included.  Volunteer time can be done with Fat Dog (check the trail maintenance schedule for dates and locations), or on any other trails near you, as long as it is sanctioned work.  Connect with your local run club or other groups and send us proof of your volunteer hours.  Volunteering at another race is also acceptable (aid station volunteer, course marshal etc).  Please send us your Proof of Volunteer Hours Form before July 15, 2024.  Any event between August 2023 and July 2024 qualifies!

If you are unable to volunteer either for trail maintenance or at another race, you may contribute to the trail maintenance fund.  As a race we are responsible for clearing approximately half of the trails used.  Money collected from our trail maintenance fund goes to pay for equipment and supplies for people to help with this.  Last year Fat Dog 120 cleared more than 1000 trees, as well as significant brushing and trail reconstruction following winter damage.  You can make your $100 CND / $75 USD donation on Ultra Signup. 

Should you be unable to race in the year you register and qualify for a deferral, volunteer hours do not carry forward.  Proof of volunteer hours or contribution to the trail maintenance fund will be required for the year in which you race.