Racer Feedback

Thank you for another incredible Fat Dog weekend; the tireless work you and your volunteer team puts into this event (year round) is nothing short of amazing. This event and the culture you have created over the years makes it stand out from any other races I have participated in.

I want you to know that I still think about Fat Dog every single day.  Thanks so much for creating something that has changed my life and had a huge positive impact on so many people - including my top 3 fans, my daughters!

I can’t say enough about how organized this event was. The whole course was so well marked (I never once questioned being off trail). Fat Dog has the best volunteers! Some had to hike in supplies to very remote aid stations!

Fat Dog is truly a unique trail running event. You guys are doing an amazing job. It’s my second year at Fat Dog as a relay runner and I was running new legs this year; I realized how extraordinary this whole course is! You and your team did an amazing job at trail maintenance and flagging. I’m totally impressed of all the hard work you've put in to make this happen!

You've put together an incredible event and marshalled some of the world's best people to make it happen. All of the volunteers and all of the runners are so inspiring -- put together, the people of Fat Dog are the very definition of the words "dedication" and "awesome." And it's all thanks to you, your hard work, and your vision in creating this event. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

My only goal was to have an amazing outdoor experience this weekend in the 70 mile, and to enjoy the mountains and explore Manning Park. That goal was easily surpassed. Came across the finish line in 25 hours after a beautiful night with the hours of 2:00-5:00 a.m. providing an amazing night sky, beautiful stars everywhere, shooting stars, mountain silhouettes, the moon and an amazing sunrise with mountain ranges all around us -- It was spectacular! Fat Dog, what a great race you are!!

I hadn't realized exactly how much trail maintenance was done ahead of the race, it's incredible the work that you do!  No wonder the trails were such a joy to run on!

The race was absolutely incredible. 9th hardest ultra in the world is a serious claim. As well as the most scenic trails in the country. Just shy of the same elevation gain as Everest. 98% of the race is on single track. Other than the smokey hot start and some crazy shoe fail, I loved the race. Did not feel like 37 hours+. The volunteers and aid stations were incredible. Excited to do this race again. Thank you all for your support.

Thank you for creating a fantastic world class race and for your amazing gift. I will hang the picture in my favorite spot. It will provide great memories for many years to come. Our fund raising efforts are in full gear and we are well on our way to $500,000. Please know that the Fat Dog 120 has been a big help in pushing towards our goal of 1500 training nurses in Ghana. It's amazing to think that the FD and you are responsible for improving the lives of thousands of children for generations to come.