Tourism in the Area

Fat Dog takes place in an area with abundant recreational opportunities.  If you are coming into town for the race, consider taking some extra time to explore the area and its offerings. Below are some helpful links detailing recreation in the area to get you started planning your trip.

1. A large section of the race takes place in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

2. Pre-race activities and finish line are at Manning Park Resort

3. The Similkameen Valley website is a great resource to become familiar with the area.  

4. The start line for the 120 mile distance is near Keremeos, BC.

5. The first section of the 120 mile course takes you through Cathedral Provincial Park. There is a provincial back country campground as well as Cathedral Lakes lodge that operates in the back country if you wish to spend more time in this amazing area.
6. Other towns near the race course are Princeton and Hope.