Question Answer
Do I need a bus? Yes, unless you have a crew.
Can I leave my overnight bag at the start? Yes, you can leave one bag that is clearly marked with your bib number and name. It will be taken to the finish.
I forgot to select yes for bus when I registered, how do I do that now? Send an email and we will add the bus for you.
Will the bus go back to the start area after the race? No.


Question Answer
I can offer a ride. Where do I do that? On the Rides Board.
I need a ride. How do I connect? Check the Rides Board.

Drop Bags

Question Answer
Where do I leave my drop bags before the race? ONLY in Manning Park Lodge, Tamarack Room. There are no drop bags left anywhere else.
Where can I pick up my drop bags after the race? Finish line.  Note that Skyline drop bags get returned to finish line by about 9 am on Sunday.

Finish Line

Question Answer
Can I camp at the finish line? NO. Book a campsite in the area with Discover Camping.
Can I bring my dog to the finish? If you keep it in the designated doggie area.
How do I get back to the lodge after the race? There are shuttle rides to get back to the lodge, to camping close by and to designated race parking lots. Check the shuttle board at the finish line.
Can my pacer have post-race food? Yes!


Question Answer
Where can my pacer join me? Check the Race Guide.
Can I have more than one pacer? Yes, but one pacer at a time.
Where does my pacer get a bib? At package pickup.




Question Answer
Can I switch my event to do shorter distance? Yes, just send an email before the deadline date.