1. Experience

For the 120 mile, you should have completed 100 mile race previously OR Fat Dog 70 mile, OR a difficult race of less distance like the Vancouver 100 km (23,000 ft. elevation gain) or Diez Vista 100 km (11,800 ft. elevation gain) or Bigfoot 100 km. First timer for this 120 mile, we RECOMMEND a pacer for at least the last leg from Skyline aid station to the finish.

For 70 mile, you must have completed at least a 50 km race. 

2. Trail Work

Trail work is a requirement and may be done anywhere. Time required for 120, 70, 50 and 40 mile = 8 hours. Relay = 4 hours each. You can substitute any volunteer work or volunteers on race day if there is no trail maintenance available in your area.
Or make $65 donation to Trail Maintenance Fund by selecting the store option in UltraSignup.  

Send proof of your involvement by email; send this form by JULY 31 or forfeit registration! Rename the file using your full name and send by email. For racers who have a deferral from 2018, you still need to do trail work again for 2019 or make a donation again.

Check for your name on the list posted here.  Contact us if you do not see Yes in the first column beside your name.