Relay Team


  • The Captain starts the registration and makes sure that all members have registered by deadline. See Registration page.
  • The Captain makes sure that all team members have their race bibs and mandatory gear.
  • We recommend that you have an extra runner as backup in case one of your team cannot run.


  • The Team is responsible for driving members around to their exchange positions. Get to know the various locations by going over the driving instructions well before race day. Hold a team meeting in your hometown. 
  • You can substitute a different team member by August 5.
  • Team members can run from 2 to 9 legs.

Relay Legs (Keremeos to Manning Route)

The relay event covers the 120 mile route plus an out and back to Blackwall Peak. See the Race Guide and Routes & Maps page for relay leg details. For the Paradise Valley Alternative Route, see relay details on that page.

Relay Leg Number Name Distance
1 Cathedral 31 km/19 mi
2 Ashnola 7 km/4 mi
3 Trapper Lake 30 km/19 mi
4 Bonnevier 25 km/15 mi
5 Heather 38 km/23 mi
6 Cayuse Flats 8 km/5 mi
7 Cascade 24 km/15 mi
8 Shawatum 11 km/7 mi
9 Skyline 33 km/21 mi