Our Fundraising

We raise funds to help with trail work which benefits all trail users in the parks. Clearing trees and improving trails over 120 miles takes tools, chainsaws, fuel, and other supplies and a whole lot of time. For example, in 2016, our crews plus racers put in over 730 volunteer hours brushing and clearing 1478 trees. You can contribute $65 online on UltraSignup.

Strides for Stroke Racer Fundraising

  • Strokes can happen at ANY age,
  • #1 cause of disability,
  • #3 cause of death in adults,
  • Goal: raise $1000 for each mile!
I thought stroke was something that happened to older people
Stridesforstroke was initiated in 2018 by stroke survivor, Amber Poliquin in partnership with the University Hospital Foundation. In 2017, Amber was a 39 year old ultra-runner, teacher, and mother of three when she suffered a stroke, and lost her left peripheral vision. Determined to help other stroke patients avoid disability and death, Amber pledged to raise $1,000 per mile of the 120 mile Fat Dog Ultra race that she will run in 2020.
In partnership with the Fat Dog 120 race, Stridesforstroke is pleased to offer two types of foam technical truckers hats. We are also selling two styles of Goodr sunglasses. Both products may be shipped directly to the customer or picked up at package pickup at Fat Dog. You can order here:
Foam Technical Trucker Hats
Goodr Sunglasses
Facebook: #stridesforstrokes