COVID-19 Precautions and Safety Plan 2021

NEW: Racers have been given a deferral to 2022.

Your Participation Requirements

What's New Notes
 Self-assessment must be done. Health Canada link.
 You agree to follow the Safety Plan and sign the Participant Agreement. Everyone attending signs the Participant Agreement.
 If you are sick, stay home. If you are anti-mask, stay home. Note: the mask is still be required after vaccination.

Travel to the Race

What's New Notes
Watch for updates based on getting the vaccine and on new return to sport guidelines. See also viaSport link.
Canadians Feb 21. Currently no non-essential travel between provinces. Here's a link for travelling between provinces. NEW: as of Jan 7, 2021 if you travel outside Canada, when you return you need to prove you have had a negative test (taken within 72 hours). Quarantining involved.
International. Feb 21. Currently no International travel to Canada other than essential services. Find out if you can enter Canada.  
Ride sharing : we won't have an online ride sharing form this year. Ride by yourself, with friends in your bubble or with family.

Package Pickup

What's New Notes
 Staggered pickup times are based on your bib number.  Linear route through Tamarack Room; in one door, out the other. Tamarack Room
 Wear your mask. Bring your own pen and 4 safety pins.  

Briefing (Mandatory)

What's New Notes
If the venue cannot accommodate all racers with appropriate distancing, we will choose an alternative method. The briefing may be online.
The briefing is still mandatory.  

Start Line

What's New Notes
Sign in will be mandatory so we know who's on the course. Method TBD.
The start times will be staggered based on pace order, fastest first. Indicate pace during online registration.
Keep a 6-foot distance apart to start. Wear a mask before starting. Distance apart for running is now 10 feet.

Aid Stations

What's New Notes
Sanitize your hands as soon as you reach the aid station. Keep your hands off the table surfaces. Wear your mask at the aid station.  
Most food will be packaged. Other foods may be served to you by volunteers depending on current guidelines.  
Allow volunteers to have their own space; do not crowd them.  
Expect to sit on grass or a boulder or logs rather than chairs. Pack a towel in your drop bag.
Sanitize hands before and after using a portable toilet or outhouse. Wipe down the seat before and after with hand wipes. Keep 6 feet away from others while in line.  
Water: either self-serve using small bottles or allow a volunteer to pour water into your pack or personal water bottle.  
Follow requirements of First Aid Personnel if you need help.  
If we allow support crews, they must stay at their cars. The crew needs to be well-known friends or family. Support crews must follow the Safety Plan.
Pacers may be allowed. TBD
At remote aid stations, carry out your garbage. At road-accessible aid stations, you can use garbage bags provided.  

Bus Transport

What's New Notes
Masks are mandatory on buses.  
School bus capacity will be limited to 2/3.  
Smaller shuttle bus from finish line has 1/2 capacity.  


What's New Notes
No hugs or high fives. Just wave to your next relay runner at the exchange point.  
Maintain distance of 6 feet at aid stations.  
Wear masks travelling in vehicles. Wipe down the interior of the vehicles.  
Team members must know each other well as friends or family.  

On the Course

What's New Notes
Sneeze into your elbow. Don't spit or expel snot if anyone is near you.  
Maintain 10 foot (3 metre) distance apart. Running distance should be 10 feet now.
Allow space when passing and call out so they know you are passing. "Passing on your left."
If you need to go to the bathroom and there's no portable toilets, make sure you dig a hole to dispose of your bodily waste. Then cover it up. The hole should not be anywhere near a water source.  
Never litter, carry it out.  

Food Ordered in Advance (Pre-race meal, box lunches)

What's New Notes
If optional sit down pre-race meals are not possible, you can pick up your pre-ordered food at the designated room. See Add-Ons in UltraSignup.
Box lunches can be picked up at the designated room.  
Pacers should order online as well.  To be determined if we can allow pacers.

Finish Line

What's New Notes
Limit your time at the finish line, pick up your finish line drop bag and head back to the resort on the shuttle. Time limit TBD.
You will receive your medal or belt buckle at the finish. Put your mask back on.  


What's New Notes
If awards can be presented  in a venue, we will update this table. Otherwise, top finishers will be notified they received an award. Draw prizes (pre-drawn) may be given out at the finish line as you cross.  
Awards may be presented at the finish, if space permits.  
The post-race meal will be available at a venue or as a pickup option. TBD

more to come...